FYI: Info on why small teams work: Collaboration, Bonobos and The Brain

Deborah Hartmann deborah at
Mon May 21 10:07:46 PDT 2007

I thought you might enjoy a video interview I just published on InfoQ:

  Linda Rising on Collaboration, Bonobos and The Brain

Last year Linda packed a room with "Are Agilists the Bonobos of the 
Software World?" She talked with InfoQ about Bonobo social rituals and 
other science that's changing her ideas about teamwork.

It talks a lot about the role of the unconscious in solving logical 
problems, why we work well in small groups, and the truth of the "do 
food" pattern :-)

Deborah Hartmann
Agile Process Coach

"My advice is to do it by the book,
get good at the practices,
then do as you will.
Many people want to skip to step three.
How do they know? " -- Ron Jeffries

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