OS-Event with experienced participants

Artur Silva arturfsilva at yahoo.com
Tue Jun 22 15:39:27 PDT 2004

> I know the participant want to work on their
> subject. (That`s a good basis.)
> But how can i moderate the introduction in an other
> way, or i repeat as an
> anchor for their last OS-Event.
> How I can create a good atmosphare in the
> Introduction without boring
> explications, when they know it.
> One Idea is to make it in an easy way, to repeat
> "the tape"
> (Intro-moderation), to go out the circle and play
> relax-music.


Some (the majority in this list, probably) more
conscious about the importance of liturgy, would
suggest you to repeat the all introduction.

Being more of a researcher, I would suggest that you
skip liturgy and open saying: Our theme is X, we all
know th rules, the wall paper is threre - let's go to

Eventually this will work and it's done. Eventualluy
it will not, and we will have to have a B-plan, "back
to basics".

There is more risk, but also more fum and eventually
more learning.

Whatever you decide to do, please keep us informed.



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