OS-Event with experienced participants

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Tue Jun 22 04:36:36 PDT 2004

Hallo OS-Surfer,

I`am new on this list from Cologne/Germany and faszinated from OS.
(Excuse me for my Esperanto-English.)

I`m preparing a third OS-Event with experienced participants.

The first OS i had moderated was in a classically form. With the law and so
on. (It was not nesserarily to do it so long.)
The second i did the introduction shorter and not so theoreticly.(It was
better, and not so boring)
The third iàm thinking on the event, how i can do it better.
I know the participant want to work on their subject. (That`s a good basis.)
But how can i moderate the introduction in an other way, or i repeat as an
anchor for their last OS-Event.
How I can create a good atmosphare in the Introduction without boring
explications, when they know it.
One Idea is to make it in an easy way, to repeat "the tape"
(Intro-moderation), to go out the circle and play relax-music.
You have other ideas?


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