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Ralph Copleman wrote:

>On 6/20/04 2:00 AM, Ashley Cooper wrote:
>>ralph (or others),
>>what's your favorite earth/cosmos story?
>Is there more than one?
>I like various versions.  Thomas Berry and Brian Swimme have an excellent
>book called The Universe Story.  Jennifer Morgan tells the story to children
>in a pair of books entitled Born With A Bang and From Lava to Life.  Of
>course, these two award-winning books have wound up in college curricula,
>but don't tell anyone they're for kids.  There's also an excellent volume
>called Evolution by Carl Zimmer, which is the companion volume to an
>American public television series on the life of Darwin.  And we cannot omit
>Fritjof Capra from this too-short listing.  Check his book called The Web of

Thanks for the reading list.  Thomas Berry and Brian Swimme are doing
amazing work.  There is also a beautiful book by the Nicaraguan poet
Ernesto Carendal called in English "Cosmic Canticle" which basically
traces the history of Nicaragua from the big bang.  Every one of the two
dozen or so long poems in the book begins with a reframing of the cosmic
creation story.

I wrote about the book last year starting here:  *


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