First open space! & question RE supplies

Christine Whitney Sanchez milagro27 at
Fri Jun 18 17:44:01 PDT 2004

Congratulations, Jennifer!  Sounds like a very successful first OST event
for you and the folks revitalizing Philadelphia.

My favorite supplies:
- Mr. Sketch Smelly Markers (I especially like watching for colored dots on
the tips of people's noses who can't help but sniff)
- blue painter's tape
- 2 sticky walls (usually one is enough)
- Post-It easel pads for groups that won't have wall space to hang a sheet
or two
- sometimes regular easels and pads
- sometimes 1/2 sheets of colored paper for groups to write the headlines of
their suggestions and put on the sticky wall
- report forms with convener's name and contact info, attendees, discussion
highlights, suggestions/favorite ideas, and powerful quotes
- meditation bell
- sometimes a handout called "Breakout Group Instructions"
- for conferences a double-sided handout "Overview of OST"
- piece of Styrofoam board for those who can't make it to the floor

I look forward to more stories from you and those non-stop talkers from


Christine Whitney Sanchez
Triune Milagro, LTD

Invoking the wisdom and capacity of the human spirit!

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Jennifer Hurley
Sent: Friday, June 18, 2004 4:43 PM
Subject: First open space! & question RE supplies

Hello everyone.  After receiving so much insight from lurking on the list, I
want to report that I facilitated my first Open Space event today, and it
sounded like people loved it!  The event was a two-hour planning session for
a conference in September.  The theme for today's event was "How can we
create a two-day event to energize the Philadelphia region to revitalize
urban neighborhoods through good urban design and development?"  We had
about 30 participants, all working in some area related to the topic, but
many of whom had never met before.  We were in one room all together, with
break-out spaces in each corner plus one in the middle.  We had two rounds
of 45 minutes each, with 15 minutes at the end for reflection all together.
Like so many stories people have told here before, the group was suspicious
and puzzled at the beginning, but someone immediately jumped up to post a
topic.  We then generated more topics than we had space for.  I invited
people to come up and negotiate with each other about re-arranging topics,
finding another spot to meet, merging topics, etc.  In no time people had
re-arranged things to have just 10 topics.  We had non-stop talk, at least
two people volunteered to work on the conference committee, and the host
group decided to hold one-day of the conference in Open Space!

Here are a few things I wished I had:
--Clipboards for people who wanted to take notes (no one expected to not
have a table to write on)
--A one-page bullet list for the conveners, asking them to have people sign
the attendance sheet, find someone to take notes, and get the sign-in sheet
and notes back to me
--better tape

And on to my question--
I'm curious if people have favorite supplies they like to use in an OS?
Favorite markers, tape, paper, anything else?

Thanks for sharing all of your wisdom and experience-
Jennifer Hurley
Hurley~Franks and Associates
Planning & Urban Design

1429 Walnut St., Ste. 601
Philadelphia, PA 19102

P: 215-988-9440
JLHurley at

Association for the New Urbanism in PennsylvaniA (ANUPA)

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