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Congrats on your recent event - I know some folks in Philly who might be interested in your conference.

I'm a seldom "poster" here (albeit voracious reader), but I am finding myself opening many "small spaces" these days as I gear up for the opening of a new Real Estate firm here in Nashville.

As for supplies, I find that less IS more because I think that to be "organic" I must also be light on my feet.

My practice is to keep my Black Bag (Ballistic Nylon - Looks like a Pilot's flight bag) stocked with the following:

- 4 dozen colored, non-permanent markers (I buy a new dozen after each event and toss it in the bag)
- 4 rolls of blue painter's tape
- A copy of the OST User's guide
- A "Brick" of multi colored Post-its (Buy a new brick every 2-3 events)
- My Tibetan bells

2 - 100 sheet pads of Butcher Block paper (as big and inexpensive as I can find)

I restock all supplies at the end of each event, thus I know I simply need to grab my bag . . . to open space.

Everything else that is needed seems to appear on site.

Of course for larger spaces, there's a little more need for prep . . . but not much.

What moved me to respond to your message is that for the longest time I did NOT choose to open space because I was not "prepared" . . . Now, I live in Open Space because all the tools are in the bag.

And finally . . . I don't always have my bag when the opportunity for opening space arises . . . so I use a pen and note-book paper :-)

Less is more IMHO,

Happy Father's Day to all Fathers :-)


What does your "way" move you towards?

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> Hello everyone.  After receiving so much insight from lurking on the list, I
> want to report that I facilitated my first Open Space event today, and it
> sounded like people loved it!  The event was a two-hour planning session for
> a conference in September.  The theme for today's event was "How can we
> create a two-day event to energize the Philadelphia region to revitalize
> urban neighborhoods through good urban design and development?"  We had
> about 30 participants, all working in some area related to the topic, but
> many of whom had never met before.  We were in one room all together, with
> break-out spaces in each corner plus one in the middle.  We had two rounds
> of 45 minutes each, with 15 minutes at the end for reflection all together.
> Like so many stories people have told here before, the group was suspicious
> and puzzled at the beginning, but someone immediately jumped up to post a
> topic.  We then generated more topics than we had space for.  I invited
> people to come up and negotiate with each other about re-arranging topics,
> finding another spot to meet, merging topics, etc.  In no time people had
> re-arranged things to have just 10 topics.  We had non-stop talk, at least
> two people volunteered to work on the conference committee, and the host
> group decided to hold one-day of the conference in Open Space!
> Here are a few things I wished I had:
> --Clipboards for people who wanted to take notes (no one expected to not
> have a table to write on)
> --A one-page bullet list for the conveners, asking them to have people sign
> the attendance sheet, find someone to take notes, and get the sign-in sheet
> and notes back to me
> --better tape
> And on to my question--
> I'm curious if people have favorite supplies they like to use in an OS?
> Favorite markers, tape, paper, anything else?
> Thanks for sharing all of your wisdom and experience-
> Jennifer Hurley
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