First open space! & question RE supplies

Joelle Lyons Everett JLEShelton at
Fri Jun 18 17:08:49 PDT 2004


Congratulations on your successful Open Space--good for you for taking the

Clipboards would be great, especially for note-takers.   I usually make a
report form with space for topic, convenor, participants, and
discussion/recommendations.   I have someone near the wall, handing sheets to convenors as they
post their sessions--also a stack in the center for people to pick up.

My favorite markers are water color markers made for children, with wide
chisel points--the solvent-based pens are not very healthy, and more likely to
bleed through the paper.

Best tape to date--3M easy-release masking tape, made for painting.   It
holds well, removes without damage, and its bright blue color seems to make people
a bit more conscious and careful how they tape.   I have used it on wallpaper
without problems.

My bag usually has Kleenex and a pair of scissors, and sometimes I need them.

Joelle Everett

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