AW: "Power to the people" or/and "showing people, what they had said" (LONG!)

Lucas Gonzalez lgs0a at
Mon Jun 7 01:20:45 PDT 2004

Chris (and all)

Thanks for your comments - I think I may have dramatized my idea a bit
too much, so sorry about that. :)  I'll keep in contact with "my
londoners" respecting their busy lives.

This thread was ignited by the question "should groups try and
summarize OS events with drawings?"  I'm just part of the global
experiment, and that's why I wanted to share my view in this OSLIST.

My answer to that question is that each person is part of many
networks, and increasingly a person's networks are not local anymore.
So there will be more and more situations in which we want to
participate in "far away" events.  That's not physically easy, so,
increasingly, there will be people who would like to have:
- napkin-reports
- drawings or
- (I dream) videoconference (law of 2 feet included).

Those napkin-reports would allow to extend the influence of any given
OS event.  The "report technology" would have to be easy (and of course
voluntary) for the people participating in the event.

In some cases, note-takers (people who are not participants but who are
good at note-taking) might be paid - either by the people who are
"interested but far away", or by other sponsors.  That may be the case
when an event is meant to "make international waves".

>[do start your own]

Now, I haven't seen it with my own eyes, but I trust that where OST has
arrived it does spread like a summer fire.  But the world is huge and
OST hasn't arrived at "my here" yet.

So yes, I'll try and start the local fire myself, hopefully this

And yes, my intention is to try and link up WTF-london with WTF-spain
if we ever get to having an WTF-spain.

> If we just published stuff ideas by net, in practice there are would
> surely be both contextual conflicts as well as transferable
> resolutions;
> and anyhow unless the culture of the local people is readied to adopt
> open, I think a large part of the societal actionability won’t
> evolve anyhow

This part I half-understand.  It may well be that OST is better left

> It also turns out that getting involved in hosting meetings is the
> way to get really deeply socially networked, at least that's what my
> blog tells me

That's one big reason to start openspacing in my own place!

> Having said the above; we'd like to be truly open at collaborating -
> email is good to ask Londoners questions if there's something that
> looks useful but is so far poorly documented.
> [...] time starved [...] so please go gently with some of these folk
> who are already working 25 hour days with our real and virtual lives

That's exactly why I don't nag the people at WTF.  I'm *not* going to
ask them to do even more work just for my reading pleasure.  Instead, I
use internet chat to see if I can ask gentle questions depending on
their availability of the moment.

The OSLIST is a better place to *maybe* return to the original
questions: do "drawings" interfere with OST, are a powerful addition,
or it depends?  Is there a simple way to acquire the needed skills
*before* the event (a HOWTO would be nice!), so that some willing
participants may use those skills and effectively widen the circle of
participation after the OS event?

Has anyone tried to record the closing circle's voices and share that
with permision and anonimity?  Or is this idea just silly?



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