"Power to the people" or/and "showing people, what they had said" (LONG!)

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Re: Four Principles, One Law -- and organisations (was halfway-technology)Dear Reinhard, (dear all)

thank you for your reply! I agree, that a Visual Facilitator is much more than a Visual Recorder. And I can see lots of application fields for visual facilitators and amazing inputs! For example in trainings, traditional conferences, seminars, workshops, meetings, exhibitions, e-learning sessions, story telling, future search conferences, and I guess much, much more. If a consultant would have also the knowledge of "Visual Facilitating" or work together with such an expert, he/she could include this art very good in the consulting work AROUND OSTs (before and after) in order to support ongoing learning and change processes in a special way. 

My very personal understanding about OST is, that it has the unique wonderful message of "Power to the People". I think, DURING an OST meeting Facilitators should give a good Role Model for "self-organization", for OST newcomers as well for potential OST organizers and potential OST facilitators. Here I think "less is more!" I think, it is the task of an OST facilitator to make very clear in the opening circle, the relevance of proceedings also regarding the further work after the conference or regarding third parties, who could not attend (in case interested people want to read a digital book of proceedings). Facilitators of OSTs should support the "Creativity of the NOW" ... providing everything, what helps to explore participants own abilities to produce records, stories, pictures, songs, art, and so on. During the OST the facilitator should be the "artist" in opening space, holding space and closing the meeting. My opinion is, that especially with OST we should facilitate the power of the people (and further self-organized work) and less the powerful memories of one persons pictures (abibilities).

I think, that a professional meta-frame (above the OST meeting) is the important key point for achieving goals and sustainability, and to enable deeper transformation. Here we need "communication architects"/"Change Facilitators", who are able to design individual process chains, combining methods, and building bridges between face-to-face and on-line participation/collaboraton.

So far my "two cents" to this topic.

Best regards and a wonderful week!

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