Glossary and definition of OST terms

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You can rely also on me to help you in french translations. As you know
we have started the process of creation of an OSI in France as you can
see on the worldwide OS website. Lots of success in your project which
as usual will benefit to all those who care and are passionate.
Best regards Philippe.
Philippe Slioussarenko
Management of Human Goals Europe
8, rue de berri
75008 Paris
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Objet : Glossary and definition of OST terms

Hello, dear colleagues -
As some of you know, I have been building a glossary of OST terms for
which I have written definitions.  I have worked with some of you to
help translate these terms into other languages so that people can have
a source point for many languages.  All communities have their common
vocabulary which is not always clear to people new to the field and the
community - I hope that this growing document I'm working on can be of
service to those reading the OST books, learning about, and using Open
Space in different languages.  When I get a first set of languages done
I can post it on my website for all to share and I can keep adding
languages as new people come to help and expand it.
Okay so I had to stop for awhile but I'm starting it up again and I
would like to ask for your help.
I already have had help and therefore have translations in these
languages, with the help of these great people (and a few others who
recommended adjustments):
English - Lisa Heft (big surprise)
Portuguese - Artur Silva
German - Michael Pannwitz and Bernd Weber
Serbian - Dragana Tomic
Spanish - Jaime Pedreros
Swedish - Thomas Herrmann
* * *  Would anyone out there like to add another language?  I can send
you a vocabulary worksheet to begin - just let us know online here on
OSLIST so others will know that language is taken and I will send you a
worksheet directly... * * *
Above are the languages which use the same alphabet (basically) as
English - the following are translations I will be making available as
well if possible through pdf links or some other process:
Russian - Elena Marchuk
Arabic - Carol Daniel Kasbari
Hebrew - Tova Averbuch
So if you wish to add a language that does not have characters like we
use in English, let's try it - I am sure there is a way and my wonderful
friend Guillermo who has been building my website is going to make it
Thank you to all who have been helping and are about to help...
[For you generous folks already listed above I will contact you in
awhile to double-check some of the words - there may have been a few
more added since you helped me and I would also like you to check things
before I post to ensure there have been no formatting errors between the
L i s a   H e f t
Consultant, Facilitator, Educator
O p e n i n g  S p a c e
2325 Oregon
Berkeley, California
94705-1106   USA
+01 510 548-8449
 <mailto:lisaheft at> lisaheft at
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