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Peggy S. Holman peggy at
Mon Jun 28 20:41:03 PDT 2004

The November issue of the AI Practitioner will be dedicated to the relationship between AI and OS and we are looking for stories.  

I am excited about this because of the special connection that I believe exists between OS and AI.  As you think about your own stories, consider how the practices of AI and OS feed each other.  My bias is that the reason many OS practitioners are drawn to AI and AI practitioners are drawn to OS is that they both make visible essential truths of the human spirit.  And like all good 
truths, each contains the other.

My desire with this issue is to illuminate the essence of these universal truths so that practitioners can deepen the impact of their work in the world.  I hope the stories that come in provide wonderful examples of these practices at work and that they hold the mirror up for AI and OS to be reflected each in the other.  And in doing so, the essence of each becomes more visible. Through 
seeing more fully, our individual and collective capacity to work in harmony with the roots of these practices grows.

So, where do each of you fit in?  If you have a story that you want to share of working with AI and OS in complementary ways, let me know by July 20.  We'll work through the logistics of doing the story and you'll have until mid-August to draft it and add any pictures or drawings that bring it to life.

I hope you are intrigued by this question and join me in the exploration -- as a writer today or as a reader in November!


Peggy Holman
The Open Circle Company
15347 SE 49th Place
Bellevue, WA  98006
peggy at 

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