Muddling through... at warp speed

Douglas D. Germann, Sr. 76066.515 at
Thu Jun 17 07:36:56 PDT 2004


Harrison talks about muddling through and how that has served
self-organization well through the past 14 billion years or so.

This morning I came upon another discovery as my journaling-rambling is
wont to produce. Out of that came this realization, which has helped me
understand what is going on in open space:

It is interesting how discoveries come: it is not straight line for me, but
a matter of just setting out along a path and pretty much stumbling into
them. No logic: the logic comes later. The logic is employed to explain and
sell and help us remember the progress we made so we can start from there.

This seems also to be what happens in Open Space: we are giving ourselves a
chance to stumble into our greatness. Much as our ego might want us to be
able to say we set out on the path and found our goal by dint of our
rational powers, it does not happen that way. We get busy and do some work
and discover what we think along the way. Likewise we discover what works.
In our meetings and our conversations we have a chance to move this forward
at warp speed: we warp our thoughts around each other's, and the resulting
bounces and twists and turns produce something entirely new in the
universe. With more eyes and minds and hearts about, we increase our
chances of noticing what we said. It is good.

                              :-Doug. Germann

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