Online workshop alert: The Conversing Company is the Hob of Innovation

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Wed Jun 16 17:03:54 PDT 2004

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This may be of interest to you. The online workshop is based on a keynote paper I presented in Vienna in May 2001. This has attracted an astonishing level of interest since it was posted on the European Knowledge Management's site 'Knowledge Board' in March 2004. 

You may find that the ideas in the paper, together with updates which will be covered during the event, complement 
others' developments of 'InterActive Organization/open space-organization.'  

One item which I intend to bring to participants' attention is how Gabriela Ender and Lisa Kimball have made possible the conduct of open agenda meetings on line. I have recently visited with these two people and have come home greatly inspired and heartened by what they have created.  

Another is how the tenets of complexity science, as being articulated by the Plexus Institute  is proving to be very useful in bringing about cultural change in organisations, in my experience.

With love


      Workshop alert: Alan Stewart - The Conversing Company 
      Monday,14 June 2004  
        One of the most hotly debated issues on KnowledgeBoard in recent months surrounded Alan Stewart's article, The Conversing Company is the Hub of Innovation. Alan Stewart is principal of Creative State Company and is well known to many KnowledgeBoard regulars. 
      The fundamental premise of "The Conversing Company/Organisation" is that knowledge required to adapt to changing circumstances is generated through respectful interaction between people. The focus of this online workshop will be on conversing processes which can be introduced to good effect to achieve this. 

      More details on this event 

        Come and talk live and online to Alan Stewart and debate this hot issue. 
      Date: 23 June 2004 

      Time: 1500 BST (1600 CET) 

      Place: KnowledgeBoard 
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