"We used to dread our annual retreats"

Chris Corrigan chris at chriscorrigan.com
Wed Jun 16 23:23:25 PDT 2004

john engle wrote:

> hi friends/colleagues.
> a friend of mine just wrote up a two and a half page story about how open
> space has impacted the annual retreats and staff meetings at his small
> university. he also explains how he and his colleagues customized open
> space
> to fit their various needs.
Hey John...you're being a little modest there don't you think?   :-)  It
isn't just a customization of Open Space, it is a new, self-organized
way to use OST for decision making, which is something I have always
shied away from.  This is a great story of how an organization got a
taste of OST and rolled it towards a new way of being within their

Thanks for posting it John.


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