SV: Tragedy in Southeast Asia

Joelle Lyons Everett JLEShelton at
Thu Dec 30 12:11:56 PST 2004


We are all so interconnected, and the tragedy is so unimaginably large, that
I suspect that there are few people in the world not touched in some way.   We
were relieved to hear that our son's friend and former colleague was safe in
Bangkok, at the home of his wife's parents, and not on the beach.   This son
spent several days, a few years back, in one of those beach resorts which was
washed away.

My heart goes out to everyone who lost someone, or their whole family, to
those who are still searching, to all whose home or livelihood was washed away in
a moment, and to the good people from every country who are now working hard
to take care of those who survived.


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