BeComing InterActive - Structures, Values & Flow of Life in Organisations & Communities

Jo Toepfer jotoepfer at
Tue Dec 7 09:56:08 PST 2004

Dear colleagues,

Last Saturday 19 people from France, Germany, Hungary, Israel,
Serbia-Montenegro and Turkey came together in Budapest. Others were
virtually present. Bea and Severine from Budapest took perfectly care of
our well being and created nice conditions for our stay.

The purpose was to prepare a conference on the InterActive Organization in
October 2005 in Hungary. It is a direct outcome of the meeting in Krakow on
the InterActive Organization, which we had earlier this year.

In Budapest we created not only the title for the conference: "BeComing
InterActive - Structures, Values & Flow of Life in Organisations &
Communities" but set up several task forces on place, date, finances,
invitation and logistics for the meeting. We will meet (obviously) in open
space and have space for 100+ participants. So, we may meet some of you
there and you will here from us.

still inspired by this meeting

Jo Toepfer, boscop eG i.G.
Dolziger Str. 40, 10247 Berlin

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