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Am 02.12.2004 1:00 Uhr schrieb "Esther Ewing" unter <EwingChange at>:

> Joelle and Florian:
> One of the things that I learned a while ago was a great technique in terms of
> getting things done. If you always aim at 90%, you can accomplish a lot. The
> first time get 90% done and then the second time, 90% of what is left and the
> third time... etc.
> It's a useful way to think about things especially when things seem
> overwhelming.
> Esther
when things seem overwhelming, I try to do not even 10%, but I try to do
nothing with intention.
this opens space that things are done more or less by itself. I follow only
a little bit. 
on that it let me jump sometimes between a lot of different things within
short time.
I experienced that things never could overwhelm. overwhelming is always only
my imagination 
of things which I think I´m touched from.

florian fischer
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