How do you get out of the way?

Chris Corrigan chris.corrigan at
Tue Dec 14 11:15:45 PST 2004

Hey friends:

You know that moment when you have finished introducing the process
and you step out of the way to invite people to begin posting your

What do you all say to do that?  After years of doing this, I still
find that the hardest thing to do well.  My usual practice is to bring
back the group's attention to the theme of the event and invite them
to reflect deeply on what is calling to them right now, what topic
needs to be born or convened and then I point to the centre of the
circle and say "the space is all yours."  Then I kind of back out of
the way.

Sometimes I say "the floor is open" or something like that.  But more
often than not, it still comes off as feeling a little awkward.

So I'm curious for inspiration from you fine folks.  How do you get
out of the way?

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