Writing retreat and post Osonos holiday

Audrey Coward Audrey at facilitatingforchange.com
Mon Dec 6 19:47:03 PST 2004

Like to see more of Atlantic Canada after OsonOS in August?
What if you could soak in the special feeling of Newfoundland, see
artifacts from ancient times, eat the local foods with a group of
friends-and have time to reflect and write, and share your writing with

Newfoundland is my childhood home, and I'd love to share it with you.
Joelle Everett and I are working on a design that includes
a) travel to special Newfoundland sites, and some of my favorite places
b) time to write and reflect on your travels and experience at OsonOS
c) exercises that will prompt you to write, or let you try something new
d) time and space to read your work aloud, for pleasure-and for
feedback, but only if you wish it.

The writers' workshop will begin August 10, leaving you the opportunity
to travel a bit after OsonOs, and will end August 12, allowing those who
wish to participate in the Winterfest writers' festival in nearby
Eastport, with readings, discussions and dialogues with renowned writers
from Atlantic Canada, August 12-14.

This part of Canada has sandy beaches, craggy cliffs, rolling seas,
wonderful people, unusual food, and a deep history from the time before
the written word.  My son Neil is a travel consultant and together, we
will help you with the logistics for the workshop, and for travel to
other places to see and do "on the rock."

Let me know soon if this is intriguing to you-I'll be reserving a block
of rooms for the workshop soon.

Contact <mailto:Audrey at facilitatingforchange.com>
Audrey at facilitatingforchange.com or 416-259-6215

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2281F Lakeshore Blvd. W, Toronto, ON  M8V 1A6
 <http://www.facilitatingforchange.com/> www.facilitatingforchange.com

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