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Lin Grist ChrysUK1 at aol.com
Mon May 28 09:51:01 PDT 2001

Hello Sharon;  just to confirm that Summerhill is indeed still going - AS
Neil wrote a book about it - you could probably find it in a library.

It has been in the news in the past year - because they have system in the UK
now which 'assesses' schools - it is all quite contentious and sadly the UK
media, even the broadsheets tend to add more heat than light to an informed

Basically Summerhill assumes that the child will learn when he/she is ready
to learn and there are no formaly classes to speak of.  There is a system of
governing the school which is a forum for the teachers and the students.
Students go to summerhill as early as 7 and can stay until they are 18. Its a
boarding school.

There is another school you might want to look at which is St. Christophers -
again a boarding school - it is not as liberal as Summerhill.

Lin Grist
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