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Chris Corrigan corcom at interchange.ubc.ca
Sun May 27 23:30:42 PDT 2001

Hi Sharon:

Wondertree's website workd fine for me at http://www.wondertree.org

If you're coming out west in August i can set something up with Brent or
Maureen Cameron, the founders.  They are peripherally in the know about
OST, but have run the centre and their lives in cahoots with the

Sudbury Valley is an interesting experiement, and a group of us who are
homeschooling our kids are looking at setting up a similar learning
centre on Bowen Island, near Vancouver.  Like you, we were a little put
off by the decision making process that is used there, and so we decided
on OST.  It's in process, but we have a vision document that we have
been playing with that contains our core ideas, among them both planning
in OST and supporting our kids' learning using OST.

It's a grand plan all right....:-)

Call, write or visit if you want more info.


Consultation - Facilitation
Open Space Technology


108-1035 Pacific Street
Vancouver BC
V6E 4G7

Phone: 604.683.3080
Fax: 604.683.3036
corcom at interchange.ubc.ca

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