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>One of the critical issues of concern about the forum is the accuracy
>and validity of the statements made by participants during the forum.
>There have apparently been occasions when statements have been made
>about the safety and consequences of some products and processes,
>that latter have been found not to be accurate or true.  However in
>the meantime a whole lot of work got done on these areas that was not
>in the end valuable or necessary.
>I recognise that sometimes false starts lead to new discoveries
>however I am wondering if here is anything that I could do in the
>preparation of the forum that would focus on the validity of

Typically, the best validity check is the critique of colleagues -- which
requires openness and access. In an Open Space environment, all that pretty
much comes with the territory -- but I guess i would make special effort to
insure that reports from the several groups are generated quickly, posted
promptly -- and folks urged to read them. Colleagues aren't always "right"
-- and there are sure to be disagreements, probably strong ones. But that
is the way science seems to work best. And the gift of Open Space is that
you don't have to wait until the end to see what's happening. Or something
like that.


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