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Anne Pattillo pattillo at
Thu May 10 15:40:59 PDT 2001

Hi there,

I'm looking for some advice - I'm sure as soon as I've sent this
email off the answers will be obvious, but for the moment I need your

I've been contracted to facilitate an open space forum for our food
regulator as a basis for developing a dialogue about the NZ food
safety programme.  Given the topic and the people passion won't be a
problem!  There have been some other meetings of this group with
mixed success.

One of the critical issues of concern about the forum is the accuracy
and validity of the statements made by participants during the forum.
There have apparently been occasions when statements have been made
about the safety and consequences of some products and processes,
that latter have been found not to be accurate or true.  However in
the meantime a whole lot of work got done on these areas that was not
in the end valuable or necessary.

I recognise that sometimes false starts lead to new discoveries
however I am wondering if here is anything that I could do in the
preparation of the forum that would focus on the validity of

Your thoughts would be welcome.


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