about Letting Go (was: Re: One Day OS Training)

Nino Novak nino.novak at tuebingen.netsurf.de
Tue May 8 23:31:10 PDT 2001

Dear Harrison and all,

At 08:37 AM 5/8/01 -0400, Harrison Owen wrote:

> After all OS is not Rocket Science [...]

(hopefully not!)

But besides - I've got to ask one question about your feeling about
Letting Go. You wrote,

> [...] And indeed, Letting Go is an
> on-going lesson for all of us.

Isn't the "problem of" letting go - or, the restraints one meets when
attempting to let go, and even when trying to facilitate (=let go) other
people's letting go - aren't they all just those restraints which one
bears in oneself?

Best regards,

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