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Chris Weaver chris at
Thu May 10 22:48:31 PDT 2001

Thanks Michael for the description of your (& Fred's) 12-hour training.
Most innovative - I have never imagined two distinct OSs in a single day,
but I'll remember it - how better to spend 12 hours?!


>From: Michael M Pannwitz <mmpanne at>
>Subject: Re: [OSLIST] One Day OS Training
>Date: Wed, May 9, 2001, 5:12 AM

> Dear Sharon,
> my very first training was a one-day event on October 31, 1997 just
> after returning from the Toronto OSonOS where I got a lot of good
> advice from the os-community and where I had received the talking
> stick that I keep with me since then.
> Just the other day I looked at pictures from that os-training and out
> of the 68 people that participated many are now os-practitioners,
> several are into open space fulltime and are into the training
> business themselves.
> We called the training "Von 10 bis 10" which means it lasted 12 hours
> from 10 am to 10pm.
> It started with a break at 10:00am and we opened the space at 10:30
> around the theme "Moving into the third Millenium - the future of
> organizational development and organizational transformation" (most
> participants came from the od field). Three beginning times, 16
> issues worked, newswall, documentation (had computers and copiers in
> the parish center where the training took place) and closing circle,
> the whole works. That os lastet from 10:30am till 3pm.
> After a 60 minute period of introducing a few theoretical thoughts,
> talking about convergence etc. and telling people about the materials
> and books around (we had also told them to read the "book" ahead of
> time) we moved into an open space on open space from 4:30pm to
> 9:00pm, 3 beginning times, 7 issues, documentation, closing circle.
> The training ended with cheese and wine people beginning to leave
> around 10pm.
> So almost all the time was spent in open space. The participants
> experienced two different styles of introducing os-t (myself and my
> colleague Fred Moeller) and from all I can observe it worked.
> There was one hitch: several people did not like to move into the
> OSonOS phase but would rather have had us tell them more from our
> experiences, give them examples, make more of a theoretical imput,
> discuss everything in the whole group (this came up in that 60 minute
> phase between the two open spaces). Afterwards people commented on
> that it had been the right choice to continue with the OSonOS. I
> remember that part of my activivity (yes, activity) was to let go at
> that point of my insatiable desire to tell stories and go on forever.
> The only thing I would do differently today (under the premise of a
> one day event) is to have learning spaces set up (an open space
> cinema with the 8 videos I have collected), an open space library and
> an open space "nuts and bolts"-room for people to go through, browse
> and view.
> What I really like in the regular 4-day trainings I now organize is
> the third open space which participants manage on their own under the
> title "I, the open space-facilitator"...I have no clue how to squeeze
> that into a one day event because I think the prerequisite for that
> is to have the experience as participant (first os) and the
> reflection as new os- facilitator in the second os on os.
> And also, I recommend to start with the open space very first thing
> so that everyone has the experience as quickly as possible that
> nothing happens here unless I do it...
> Great success and fun
> michael
> On Tue, 8 May 2001 02:23:50 -0400, Sharon Quarrington wrote:
>>After much discussion my partner (Bruce Craig) and I have decided to
>>offer a one day "Intro to OST" training.  We are both enamoured by
>>this thing called Open Space and want to increase it's presence in our
>>own lives and in the world.
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Great to hear of your new book Jack.  We met in the Napa Valley some
time back at an OSonOS event.  Your 'reawakening' book is one that I
often go back to for energy.  Looking forward to more of your wisdom.
Joan Smith

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