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florian fischer florianfischer at ff-wey.com
Mon May 21 01:21:19 PDT 2001

Chris Weaver schrieb:

> little story to share about Florian Fischer.
> .......Florian called me from Andalusia.
> Due to the flowery name, and even moreso the lovely intuitive angle of email
> postings, I had never considered that Florian might not be a woman.  When
> his rich baritone voice said, "Chris?  This is Florian!" on the phone, I was
> so utterly disoriented that I nearly dropped a frying pan full of potatoes.
> When I recovered, we laughed about it at length.

dear chris, dear all,
let me answer  to that story with the poem  "gendering poly game"
which is published in this very moment in honor to the oslist.
hoping, that you can open it. otherwise it remains as a secret.
till i´ll perform it  in the osonos at vancouver.

florian fischer
begleitung im wandel
münchener 6
d 10779 berlin
fon 0049.30.2116752
fax 0049.30 2115943

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