small issues

Gy örgy Beck gbeck at BECKGROUND.HU
Thu Feb 22 03:56:23 PST 2001

It is not easy to comment all, you have contributed to the issue of "doing
nothing with elegance".

Let me do it my way:

The first thing is, who is the expert? I don't believe I would. The experts
are in the organization concerned. They own the problem, the information
and the solution. If it is true, we can really be only facilitators, using
different technologies, according to the company, the management and its
control aspirations, the problem to be resolved, etc.

So ideally we are the experts of the process and helping the organization
to achieve its goals.

So what do we have for sale: the results, as Chris is saying. In a broader
sense we sell our experteesm (spelling?) to elicit, what they want to
achieve and helping them to reach it with OST or with anything else.

The "small issue" for me was saying IMPORTANT issue, but SMALL commitment
from the management. If they might percieve pain, then we should find an
issue, where the pain is on an acceptable level. Or, to have them
understand, that they can avoid the pain on the price of accepting some
loss somewhere else.

Selling. It is out of question, that I have to sell and can not wait, until
someone will knock on my door. (I already have some promising prospects,
but let me talk about it, when it becomes concrete). I'd rather say
persuasion instead of selling...

What I do is, to identify those clients where there is a potential need for
Approach the management with some description, that is different from what
I translated for the homepage. I will translate it to
English if interested, but would take time.
Those, who are ready for empowerment, etc. recognize, they can use the OST.
Then comes a discussion about the organization, to make sure if the OST is
the proper technology and get information about the issue they are faced.
If the OST is a proper technology (any cat might be skinned in a nhundrad
ways :), I talk about why it can meet their need, by telling them the main
milestones of the OST. Here I use their own problem/example to describe it.

The benefits they can get: empowerment, involvement from the staff, reduced
management efforts, improved communication/conflict resolution, developing
mutual respect, better client relations, etc.

How much would it worth???? ;-))

I feel successful, if there is not a word about the price of it, but the
value. If they feel the value, the price is not so crucial, though subject
to negotiation.

I hope this helps some way.


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