small issues

Lisa Heft lisaheft at
Tue Feb 20 22:29:36 PST 2001

Dear Chris --

I would be v-e-r-y interested in following your travels
here.  And to anyone who is thinking about ways to package
and present the use of Open Space.  Please do keep us
informed on how this idea of yours develops.

Let me see.  I might think of what a "small issue" is
similarly to how I might think of a community building
discussion or activity.  What is the thing that all
participants would have in common, even if experienced
differently through their professional, personal and
cultural filters?

What do they always get together and chat about at
professional social gatherings?  Disappearing sources of
funding?  How to retain people?  What are the aspects of a
true leader?  How to merge productively with companies or
agencies previously seen as competitors?  How to form
collaborations in a competitive marketplace?

There is something (or several 'threads') which everyone
talks about over the dinner table when a few friends from
similar businesses get together.  Nobody has to share trade
secrets to have very animated and community building
conversations, even if it is just to complain together
:-((   (in Arturtalk symbols).

All is safe, all works.  Rich conversation ensues.  Of
course, you still have the problem of how to *market* it so
that people will think it is worth their while to attend in
this instant-this-instant-that world.

What are some of your thoughts on this marketing part?


Berkeley, California, USA

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