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Elwin and Joan elwinandjoan at
Thu Feb 22 06:16:10 PST 2001

Dear Gyuri-

You wrote:
> Selling. It is out of question, that I have to sell
> and can not wait, until
> someone will knock on my door. (I already have some
> promising prospects,
> but let me talk about it, when it becomes concrete).
> I'd rather say
> persuasion instead of selling...
> What I do is, to identify those clients where there
> is a potential need for
> changes.
> Approach the management with some description, that
> is different from what
> I translated for the homepage. I
> will translate it to
> English if interested, but would take time.
> Those, who are ready for empowerment, etc.
> recognize, they can use the OST.
> Then comes a discussion about the organization, to
> make sure if the OST is
> the proper technology and get information about the
> issue they are faced.
> If the OST is a proper technology (any cat might be
> skinned in a nhundrad
> ways :), I talk about why it can meet their need, by
> telling them the main
> milestones of the OST. Here I use their own
> problem/example to describe it.
> The benefits they can get: empowerment, involvement
> from the staff, reduced
> management efforts, improved communication/conflict
> resolution, developing
> mutual respect, better client relations, etc.
> How much would it worth???? ;-))

Gyuri this is my approach to "selling" OST:

#1- I "get in the door"!
#2- I enter into a conversation that allows the "boss"
to disclose his/her biggest problem(s)
#3- I "feedback" the problem so as to establish their
understanding that "I understand" their need.
#4- I "walk" them through the four "requirements" for
me to accept a consulting job, namely:
1. A "real" problem exists
2. The problem is complex and/or conflicted
3. There are many stakeholders affected by the problem
4. Management must truly want an "outcome"

If after the "walk through" the boss has agreed to
those points I tell him/her that I am the guy to get
the "outcome"!!  BUT, they must also accept that
neither they nor I can pre-determine what that might

Lastly, I tell them if they are NOT satisfied with
what happens they don't have to pay my fee (only
expenses)- they always pay my fee.

In short, LISTEN to them and give them what they
want-AN OUTCOME!!  Only at the end to I give the
process a name= Open Space Technology.


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