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> My internal jury's still out on the wording of this principle.  Here is what
> I found myself saying this morning:  "The next principle is, Whatever
> happens is the only thing that could have.


Your report/story is the stuff I long for on the LIST.  In it, I relate my
experiences and feelings to yours.  Open space lets life burst forth in so
many interesting ways.

Just a comment on the second principle; I found myself using the version (at
the Neighborhood Summit OST last week) suggested on the LIST in the last few
weeks, "Whatever happens, happens."  I actually felt pretty good and seemed
to fit.  It's a little more concise.

On other comment, actually a question; do you (or anyone) notice a difference
in the energy level of the group when all discussions are in one big room?
That seems to be my experience.  I have never heard anyone specifically talk
about it.

Again, thanks for your great story.

Dave Koehler

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