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Tue Feb 6 06:18:12 PST 2001

To Dave Rupley,

Until I read your words I did not consider that "what I was going through"
had been picked up on by the group prior to my verbalizing it.  I believe
that you are right, and this new perspective is deeply important in filling
in my understanding of what happened.  I am content with the intuitive
decision I made to speak.  I do not go so far as to say that it would have
been right to speak about this to another group in another circumstance.  Of
course, in another circumstance, "what I was going through" would also have
been different.  What I look forward to is a deeper consciousness of these
dynamics in the future.  My Big thanks to you, and to others on the list,
for your response to my story.


From: "David C. Rupley, Jr., MD(H)" <dcrupley at>


I have waited to reply for a relaxed opportunity.

My perspective comes from a more theraputic model.  You desribe your
response well and I trust quite accurately.  To lock yourself in the
bathroom and spend time outside, in contrast to coloring and being relaxed,
would be impossible for the group not to notice.  This is NOT a criticism.
You then have two choices - deny it or share it.  OS is about one and not
the other.  You did a beautiful job of sharing your process without
inflicting it on the group.  My suspision is that the process would have
derailed had you not made your statement related to your experience.  People
would have felt less safe and more uncertain.  In this situation, if you had
waited for some evidence the group "noticed", it probably would have been
too late.

Thanks for sharing your process.



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