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Harrison Owen owenhh at mindspring.com
Wed Feb 14 05:24:39 PST 2001

>Dear All, having replied my questions
>I did read (and partly reread) the book you mention and enjoyed it.
>Harrison, I feel honoured to have your answer and would like to clarify,
>if "that name can be a problem" is concerning the "Open Space" or the

What's in a name? A Rose by any other name is still a rose... Truthfully
you could call Open Space anything you like, and it is not so much about
the translation, although that can be a problem. But Open Space has been
called Open Space for 16 years, and unfortunately at this point a name
change is not too likely. You can always use the approach of not calling it
anything at all -- just do it. Or pick a different name. Only trouble with
that is -- since it has been done maybe 30,000 time around the world ( a
pure estimate) it is quite likely that somebody in the group would know
what it was. And then your cover is blown - - or worse you are thought to
be dull 'cause you didn'[t know what the right name was. For myself, I just
call it Open Space. And if folks have trouble with the name (weird, far
out, exciting, partaking of Spirit, out of the box, room to think and be
etc ) they probably shouldn't be doing Open Space. Too scary. Or something.


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