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For most of us -- opening space for folks is such a immediate "turn-on"
that considering the theoretical applications and implications is rather a
drag. But occasionally, thinking about what we are doing is worthwhile, if
only to try and understand it and do it all better. Over the years, I have
found the work of Ken Wilber extraordinarily helpful -- not that he has
ever heard of Open Space -- but he sure knows a lot about it. Anyhow, he
has delivered himself of one more book entitled "A Theory of Everything."
Like most of his work, it is very readable and in this case, mercifully
short. Those of you who have wandered through my latest, "The Power of
Spirit" will recognize just how deeply indebted I have been. It is true
that reading Wilber is rather like drinking out of a fire hose, and at a
practical level I have made the judgement that all those details, though
brilliant, are not always necessary. And so I in my way have gone for my
own version. But this latest book is well worth the trip, if only because
he links his own thinking to Spiral Dynamics --  which received a brief
consideration on this list some time back. I am sure your own bookstore
will be happy to provide a copy, or if you are lazy -- go to in the "Literature" section, which will take you
right straight to And while you are there, check out the rest
of the site. My colleagues and I have been having fun building.


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