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Here is another contribution which you may find provides useful triggers
for reflecting on 'Knowledge Management.'   

I submit that there is a dimension to knowing, called 'Knowing
of the third kind', which derives from 'within relationships' and is 
complementary to knowing about 'what' and 'how.' Other respondents on this
topic have alluded to it. 

A good example with which to introduce the notion is the story of learning 
how to ride a bicycle, which I read with pleasure on Prasad Kaipa's website. He outlines 
the mysterious circles of learning inherent in developing a new skill.

I suggest that another component of the process of learning is the quality of the
relating experienced by the 'learner' and the 'teacher.' I would surmise,
from his description of what happened prior to and during the learning event that 
there was much conversation between him and the person who wished to develop the art of 
maintaining stability on a bicycle.  
This interaction can be named as an underpinning of learning and of knowledge creating. 

For _ whenever_ conversation is based on mutual respect, intelligence 
emerges; intelligence being a property of conversation. This intelligence
can manifest in many ways, including participants becoming more creative and
more bold in learning endeavors.  

Anyone who wishes to learn more about 'Knowing of the third kind' (K3K)
and potent properties of conversation can find information at:
'Cybernetic conversation'

'Conversation as the Energiser of New Ways of Being and New Ways of Doing'

And what do stalwarts think of this proposition? 

"The beginning of wisdom is in the space created by taking a breath to

listen to both 'the other' and one's inner voice before we speak." 

I found the germ of this notion in Richard  Carlson's 'Don't Sweat the Small Stuff.' 

Do you see a connection between this opening of space and 'knowledge management?'


Al Stewart 

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