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Thu Oct 7 19:44:37 PDT 1999

Kay-- I love how you put the two thoughts together and I agree with you. I also
think the discussion has centered around whether you can remove the wisdom and
knowledge from the story and have it retain its spirit, meaning and impact. I'm
not sure you can.

In harmony --BJ

Kay Wakefield wrote:

> B.J.
> "Where is the life we have lost in living; where is the wisdom
> we have lost in knowledge and where is the knowledge we have lost in
> information?"
> Isn't the quote from Joe Paul where wisdom and knowledge are?
> When a experienced nurse in a neo natal unit says "this baby doesn't look
> right" inspite of the readings on the monitor and saves the babies life then
> other staff need to know what she was picking up on so that they can save a
> live or two themselves. Making her tacit knowledge explicit is one of the
> things that knowledge management is about."
> It seems to me that where wisdom, knowledge and information come together
> within an organization is in Open Space.
> Kay
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