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My experience is that accountants don't have difficulty forming teams that
share knowledge and wisdom. However, my experience in working with teachers (a
professional that you didn't mention) is that they have a lot of difficulty
working collaboratively. Understand that I don't mean that they don't get along
or that they don't get tasks done together. However, they really don't
collaborate - they portion out tasks. One of them does one piece and another
does another piece. They don't really do any one piece together. Their
timetables and their ways of single teaching don't allow them to spend any paid
time working together.

Esther Ewing

At 11:23 AM 10/5/99 -0400, you wrote:
>Doc, do I understand you to say that most professionals (doctors, lawyers,
>accountants) lack the necessary ability to form teams which allow for sharing
>of knowledge and wisdom? I don't necessarily think you wrong, but would like
>you to expand on your thought. I'm particularly interested in your thoughts
>about how it might work for these professionals to become more collaborative
>(for lack of a better word).
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