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Hello Birgitt,

yes it is a good feeling to have the impression of beeing at the right place (in social & geographic space & time). But there is also the other side. When things do not work out well, I notize that I am far from Austria, that many people do not think well of Africa, the african peoples and people going there... and I had months full of fear, that I will not be able/strong enough... and it is difficult to get to the money if you stay most of your time in "developing" countries. Well, thats just to complete the image and hint at the price.

Thank you for the book tip.  I ordered the ALBAN/BUNKER book some weeks ago. But even amazon.com is not very fast in delivering books to Cape Verde, so I am still waiting. I will contact Billie Alban directly, as you suggest. 

I thank you for your series of helpful reactions

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  Hello Bernd,

  I am so very impressed by all that you related in your posting. Good for you to work in a way that fulfills your dream and to be in a position to work where it matters.

  The only lead I can give you is that you should get hold of the authors of the book Large System Interventions--Billie Alban and Barbara Bunker. I have loaned my copy of the book out so I can't look this up for you but I am sure you must have a copy. I remember that Billie Alban's daughter is some kind of executive with an oil company in either Venezuela or Brazil. And they have used large group methodologies to great success. I think Billie Alban may very well have exactly the right leads for you. I think she is very approachable.

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