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Martin Leith ml at
Mon Oct 11 12:27:28 PDT 1999

Hi Thomas.

What I sometimes do is invite one minute presentations. I have a special
way of doing this - well worth trying.

If there are 20 presentations, make a row of 20 chairs and ask the
presenters to sit in them.

Whereever they are sitting is the running order, from left to right.

Make sure everyone has a watch with a second hand.

Imagine that the chairs are numbered from 1 to 20.

Presenter 1 is timed by person in chair 2 who, when presenting, is timed
by person in chair 3 ... and so on. Presenter 20 is timed by person in
chair 1.

This absolutely guarantees that all the presentations will only be 1
minute long. In fact, people sometimes do it in less than a minute.

Apart from sticky dot voting, this is one of the coolest facilitation
tricks I have aver come across. As a facilitator, you just set the thing
up then sit back and watch.


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