Presentation of reports before leaving?

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<<They proposed to let each group present the results of their discussion
before leaving. With large groups I can see it´s almost impossible but in
smaller ones it could be. Do you ever do like that, and how?>>

I have done it on occasion, and it can work well.

[Remember, even in "classic" Open Space, on the third day everyone reads each
other's reports for an hour, which is a form of "report-out."]

In one instance the group was building a strategic plan and they needed a
quick  overview of what other parts of the plan were thinking, before
entering the second day.

At the end of another (one day), the output of each group was written in the
form of project goal statements, along with measures of success, and the
reading of the goal statements gave a quick and powerful sense of
accomplishment to the whole group.

I have also had folks make presentations as part of the convergence, on day
two of a two day Open Space, where the Proceedings were not yet ready.

Good luck!

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