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Jay:  I have led 4 open space events specifically aimed at teens. One was
with high school students who got the day off school to focus on their
response to community issues. The others were with Church groups. One
Anglican group of teens prepared input into a strategic planning process for
the church in 2.5 day open space and made both video, artistic and computer
record. I have been in conversation about an event for 600 teens from a
church in summer 2000.

It works great with teens. They love it!!


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Hi all:
I am talking with a respected community health program that brings 200 teens
together with their 50 adult advisors for three days every summer for a
leadership retreat about the possibility of doing a day or more of this
in Open Space.

They are very excited about it but are skeptical (isn't everyone?) that it
will work with teens.  They have asked me for cases, for articles, and for
phone numbers of folks who have used it with teens.  If you are willing and
able, please post, or email to me: brief case summaries, phone numbers of
contact persons, and/or references to written material to help me settle
their jitters a bit.

Thanks in advance for your help.  Open Space would be GREAT for these folks.
Best, Jay

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