OS and Personality Type?

Julie Benesh jbenesh at rush.edu
Mon May 3 07:43:46 PDT 1999

When I wrote "it's a P(erceiving) thing", I was referring to the function of
Perception, NOT a personality preference.  We ALL use ALL the functions,
whatever our preferences, or at least we should because different ones are
appropriate at different times.  If Perceiving is (and I believe it is)
repressed in organizations, then, as I stated, one value of OS is that of
allowing some balanced expression and integration to correct that bias.
That may mean some participants are more comfortable than in their usual
work environment, some less, but all may gain.


P.S. - I am an inveterate buttterfly, and speaking for myself, (and myself
alone!) that is how I indulge my introverted need for reflection (if I stay
my myself) and/or intimacy (if I attract one or two others).

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