OS and Personality Type?

Richard Charles Holloway learnshops at thresholds.com
Sun May 2 18:07:13 PDT 1999

Dear Oh-Esters--

I've been doing my best to resist asking these questions...but finally I'm
overcome with the impulse and can no long resist!

what type of personalities are bumble-bees, boars and butterflies?

does my personality change when I enter open space from the cubicle space I
usually find myself in?

what type of personalities gravitate to facilitating open space and why?

do groups (large and small) exhibit personalities...and if so, why?

do you (as facilitators) adopt different personas (with different
personalities) in reaction to your client group or the perceived need that
you see?

whew!  what a rush to finally get all of that out of me.  back to
introversion now.


XNXP Holloway (try pronouncing that first name!)

"Nature ever flows, stands never still.  Motion or change is her mode of
existence.  The poetic eye sees in Man, the Brother of the River, and in
Woman, the Sister of the River.  Their life is always transitions.  Hard
blockheads only drive nails all the time; forever... fixing.  Heroes do not
fix, but flow, bend forward ever and invent a resource for every moment."
Ralph Waldo Emerson

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When I wrote "it's a P(erceiving) thing", I was referring to the function of
Perception, NOT a personality preference.  We ALL use ALL the functions,
whatever our preferences, or at least we should because different ones are
appropriate at different times.  If Perceiving is (and I believe it is)
repressed in organizations, then, as I stated, one value of OS is that of
allowing some balanced expression and integration to correct that bias.
That may mean some participants are more comfortable than in their usual
work environment, some less, but all may gain.


P.S. - I am an inveterate buttterfly, and speaking for myself, (and myself
alone!) that is how I indulge my introverted need for reflection (if I stay
my myself) and/or intimacy (if I attract one or two others).

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