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>Dear Oh-Esters--
>I've been doing my best to resist asking these questions...but finally I'm
>overcome with the impulse and can no long resist!
>what type of personalities are bumble-bees, boars and butterflies?
I should say "Bs"
>does my personality change when I enter open space from the cubicle space I
>usually find myself in?
I don't know that it changes -- but I would be sure that your personality
(along with everybody elses) becomes much more visible.
>what type of personalities gravitate to facilitating open space and why?
I suspect this depends on whether the facilitation is a one time fling or a
continuing addiction. Just about any sort comes in the door. Those who stay and
become junkys (I am a junky) are probably characterized by high degrees of
practicality (they like things that work), no small amount of laziness (are
unwilling to spend more time and energy on a project than is absolutely
required) all combined with an ample supply of hedonism ( if it ain't fun,
don't do it).
 >do groups (large and small) exhibit personalities...and if so, why?
Super interesting question, and I think the answer is yes.  Although I would
tend to talk about levels or degrees of consciousness, but that is probably my
personal affectation. I find that groups, just as individuals go through a
developmental sequence, which I would call transformation. If you watch closely
in an Open Space, most of these levels of consciousness put in an appearance,
and it is often possible to see movement between levels -- or catch  the
process of transformation in the act.
>do you (as facilitators) adopt different personas (with different
>personalities) in reaction to your client group or the perceived need that
>you see?
I can't speak for others -- but in my case what you see is pretty much what you
get. In short I am my plain old irascible self. I can't say I have never tried
to put on a face that would please a client, but my learning is that sooner or
later I get found out, so it doesn't work out very well. More seriously, I
understand that the only thing I bring to the party is me. For some folks, that
is just what the doctor ordered -- so to speak. And for others it is doubtless
their worst nightmare. So I find it best and most comfortable to show my true
colors early on. Being somebody's nightmare is not my idea of a fun way to go.
>whew!  what a rush to finally get all of that out of me.  back to
>introversion now.
Nice to see you online! Don't be a stranger.


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