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>Hello all
>Enthused and finally willing to take the risk after deepening my
>understanding of OS with Birgitt, I've put up a proposal to conduct a
>regular meeting of scientists using OS.
Good show! You/they might be interested in the work being done at the
Hutchinson Cancer Center. Scientists in Open Space for sure. It was all
written up in the special issue of ATWORK, and I think you can get a copy
of the article from the OSI website.

>These scientists are generally resistant to process facilitation, let alone
>OS - but I think I can convince them of the benefits. My problem rests with
>their desire to include the traditional scientific presentations of results
>to date and feedback to each other. I have suggested that this could be a
>part of the OS - where there is passion and responsibility - but there is
>some resistance to this and a desire to schedule a specific session for
>these reports to everyone who attends.
There are several ways to go in my experience... a) use a first day for
standard (boring) talking head presentations. b) Mail out all papers. c)
Mail out all papers and encourage presenters to conduct sessions for
"anybody who cares to come."

>I am reluctant to do this (even at the beginning) because I think it will
>detract from the experience of OS - and I  know if I can convince them to
>try OS they will love it.
Yes it's true. Even Scientists do it. Funny -- 3 out of 4 of my present
clients are scientific organizations of one sort or another... Why now I
don't know.

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