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Hi Viv,

At 10:01 05-07-1999 +1000, you wrote:

>The aims of the day are to let industry know what R & D (research and
>development) is currently underway; debrief on what issues were raised last
>year and what action occurred;

Depending on the information that is there, you could
either put together a reader or use a storytelling
evening to start the conference with, or a combination
of both. The next morning the space is then opened for
the other issues on the list:

>planning for what issues warrant further
>research over the next 1 - 3 years; prioritisation by INDUSTRY of what
>projects are the most important; actions decided and project
>development/research teams identified.

If there is information that everyone needs to know, it is
generally a better idea to disseminate that info before the
space is opened. The idea of having to sit and listen to a
lecture does not fit in well with the idea of OS.

A question: why is it important that Industry be the
party doing the prioritizing? Could it also be a
possibility to involve all the stakeholders in this


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