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Sun Jul 4 17:01:09 PDT 1999

Hello all

A colleague has experienced open space at a conference and has asked me to
advise her if OS would be suitable for the following scenario. I'd be
interested in your comments.

The event is a Research Planning Forum of two separate days - one for the
wine grape industry and the other for the dried fruit industry. This event
is held each year with industry reps attending to prioritise issues facing
their industry which warrant further research. The day is attended by both
researchers and industry.

The aims of the day are to let industry know what R & D (research and
development) is currently underway; debrief on what issues were raised last
year and what action occurred; planning for what issues warrant further
research over the next 1 - 3 years; prioritisation by INDUSTRY of what
projects are the most important; actions decided and project
development/research teams identified.


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