Small Group OS

Maggie Shreve Magshreve at
Thu Feb 11 07:35:35 PST 1999

I used OS for a standing "committee" once when they were totally unclear about
how to proceed on some critical organizational issues.  As I recall, there
were 7 members of the group.  They'd asked me to come to their meeting as an
observer (I was "coaching" their entire system to implement their new work
design) and then when I got there, they admitted they had no agenda and no one
had agreed to act as facilitator for  that meeting.  I suggested OS.  They
liked it.  They used it.  And they got a lot done in the 3 hours they had set
aside for their meeting time.  I've never forgotten it and have hoped I'd have
an opportunity to use OS that way again.

Maggie Shreve

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