Small Group OS

David Koehler Dmk4812 at
Thu Feb 11 08:08:33 PST 1999

My experience with small groups and OS has been good.  I like the dynamics.
The one problem, however, that can occur is the fact that people are less
likely to change groups if things aren't meeting their needs (Law of
Mobility).  We recently did a neighborhood open space, where one small group
convener lead a monologue, inspite of my suggestions to have others speak and
that he should record their thoughts on the easel pad.  People didn't want to
offend him by getting up and leaving.  Still,  the event was successful in
that everyone felt they had a chance to discuss their issues in other
sessions.  It is also important to note, that this is contrasted to the usual
neighborhood forum that becomes a lengthy gripe session.  When I was asked to
facilitate a "Town Meeting" for the neighborhood, I declined.  But I told them
that I would agree to facilitate an open space meeting, which we did from 5:00
to 10:00 PM.  (Also, there was some familiarity with OS, since we had a
community OS two years prior, lead by Rona Roberts, that included over 400
participants for three nights.  That event lead to a major shift in how the
City of Peoria and neighborhood activists and organizations have addressed
revitalizing our older neighborhoods.)  Thanks.

Dave Koehler

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