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Joe:  I have an article in Tales from Open Space talking about smaller
groups in shorter time frames. I have led many such events with 7-12 folks
quite successfully. The same preparation issues apply -- clear theme,
givens, parameters for action. The theme needs to be a real challenge for
folks to keep the energy going with the smaller group. Depending on theme,
you may need less time for discussions. Sometimes the whole group will meet
for awhile and that's ok.


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    Are there any special considerations when using Open Space with a small
group within a small company--say 7-12 people?

    I have colleague who runs a small sporting goods store.  She is a
remarkable person who won a national Entrepreneur of the Year Award awhile
back.  She has taken pains to grow her business through growing her people,
and is quite interested in trying OS for an all day planning session on how
to further develop the business, respond to new conditions, etc.

    I have used OS several times with medium size groups of very diverse
people from different organizations. And, to repeat the question, am
wondering if the situation I've described is any different.  For example,
the first concerns that come to my mind is how to set up meeting so that
people are there  because they want to be rather because they feel they have
to be....

    I'd appreciate your thoughts and experiences.

    Joe Szostak
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