OS facilitators and process skills

Larry Peterson lpasoc at inforamp.net
Sun Feb 28 17:56:34 PST 1999

Ralph:  As I said, I've done it, I confess.  I just don't like to now.


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Everyone's being so extra-careful, it seems.  I wonder if Harrison and I are
the only ones who have ever offered their own session/discussion during an
open space...?

I also want to amend what I have said about this very interesting issue.  I
agree that it probably isn't a good idea to offer a session if the
motivation is to provide a fix or do some level of intervention.  Thanks to
experiences with OS (being in them and facilitating them ­ both teach me), I
have gotten much better at sitting on my hands.  Another way to put that is
that I don't have to grab my ass in frustration as much as I used to.


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